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High-Risk Youth Education and Public Safety Program. Article 2. Plan Submission and Approval   

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(a) (1) The Superintendent of Public Instruction, in consultation with the Board of Corrections, shall establish minimum standards, funding schedules, and procedures for the review and approval of a local plan developed pursuant to Section 47755.

(2) The minimum standards established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the local plan provided for eligible high-risk first-time offenders and high-risk transitioning youth shall include all of the following:

(A) The local plan shall provide eligible participants with a structured daily program of at least eight hours under the direct supervision of one or more employees of one or more of the agencies participating in the plan. This program shall also include a minimum of four hours of academic instruction. Independent study shall not be utilized as a means of providing any part of the schoolday.

(B) Demonstrated ability from local participating agencies to identify and serve eligible youth at the earliest possible age.

(C) Demonstrated ability to administer the program.

(D) Demonstrated ability to provide effective interventions as described in Sections 47761 and 47766.

(E) Demonstrated ability to report outcome measures specified in this program.

(F) Demonstrated commitment of local resources equal to, or greater than, the minimum match requirement specified in subdivision (d) of Section 47761 and subdivision (b) of Section 47766.

(G) Demonstrated commitment from the county probation department for provision of intensive supervision and services for eligible participants.

(H) The local plan shall specify how the program provided to eligible participants will supplement, and not supplant, existing programs.

(3) The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall review the local plans submitted by county offices of education and school districts to determine if they meet minimum standards, using the criteria in Section 47756 and Section 47761 or 47766, and shall then rank for possible funding the plans that meet or exceed the minimum standards.

(b) If the Superintendent of Public Instruction determines that funds appropriated by the Legislature are insufficient to fund all local plans that have met the minimum standards, the superintendent, in selecting at least three plans to be funded, shall consider the following when determining funding priority:

(1) The size of the eligible high-risk youth population that will be served and the proportion of that population not currently being served by similar programs.

(2) Demonstrated commitment by the agencies to exceed the minimum program requirements specified in Section 47756.

(c) As part of the plan approval process, the Superintendent of Public Instruction may reduce both the number of youth proposed to be served, in any or all plans, and the funding therefor.

(d) Approved plans shall be eligible for funding through this program for five years. After each five-year term, subject to available funding, county offices of education and school districts may submit a new application containing an updated plan to serve the eligible high-risk youth.

(Added by Stats. 1997, Ch. 340, Sec. 1.)


Education Code 47755

Education Code 47756

Education Code 47761

Education Code 47766