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Apportionment of Funds; Charter schools   

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(a) Notwithstanding Section 41330, a charter school in its first year of operation shall be eligible to receive funding for the advance apportionment based on an estimate of average daily attendance for the current fiscal year, as approved by the local educational agency that granted its charter and the county office of education in which the charter-granting agency is located. For charter schools approved by the state board, estimated average daily attendance shall be submitted directly to, and approved by, the department. Not later than five business days following the end of the first 20 schooldays, a charter school receiving funding pursuant to this section shall report to the department its actual average daily attendance for that first month, and the Superintendent shall adjust immediately, but not later than 45 days, the amount of its advance apportionment accordingly.

(b) In addition to funding received pursuant to Section 41330, a charter school in its second or later year of operation also shall be eligible to receive an advance apportionment pursuant to the process and conditions described in subdivision (a) in any year in which the charter school is adding at least one grade level. The average daily attendance funded for a new grade level shall not exceed the portion of the certified average daily attendance at the second principal apportionment for the prior year that was attributable to pupils in the highest grade served by the charter school.

(c) A charter school in its first year of operation may only commence instruction within the first three months of the fiscal year beginning July 1 of that year. A charter school shall not be eligible for an apportionment pursuant to subdivision (a), or any other apportionment for a fiscal year in which instruction commenced after September 30 of that fiscal year.

(Amended by Stats. 2006, Ch. 139, Sec. 1.)


Education Code 41330