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Leroy F. Greene Facilities Act of 1998; Critically Overcrowded School Facilities   

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(a) Upon completion of the preliminary process authorized pursuant to this article, and when a preliminary applicant has complied with the conditions set forth in this chapter for a final apportionment, including, but not limited to, Section 17070.50, the board shall adjust the preliminary apportionment as set forth in subdivision (b) and as necessary to reflect the current eligible grant amounts for final apportionments pursuant to this chapter consistent with regulations adopted pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 17078.24. The board shall then convert the adjusted preliminary apportionment to a final apportionment and proceed to completion of the project in the same manner as for any project funded under provisions of this chapter other than this article.

(b) The board may adjust for cost increases only if uncommitted funds reserved expressly for the purposes of this article remain available for those purposes.

(c) For purposes of calculating enrollment to determine eligibility for a final apportionment for a project funded from the Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002, as set forth in Part 68.1 (commencing with Section 100600), and the Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2004, as set forth in Part 68.2 (commencing with Section 100800), an applicant may use one of the following methods as an alternative to the method provided in subdivision (a) of Section 17071.75:

(1) The current year enrollment as recorded on the cohort survival enrollment projection system described in subdivision (a) of Section 17071.75, for the year in which the application for the final apportionment is submitted.

(2) (A) If eligibility for the preliminary apportionment was calculated pursuant to Section 17071.76, the current year or five-year projected enrollment as recorded on a cohort survival enrollment projection system, developed and approved by the board, that uses pupil residence in the high school attendance area, for the year in which the application for the final apportionment is submitted.

(B) A school district that uses the method described in this paragraph to calculate enrollment shall also use this method to calculate enrollment for all applications it submits for final apportionments for projects for which preliminary apportionments were approved from the same bond authorization.

(Amended by Stats. 2005, Ch. 710, Sec. 2.)


Education Code 17070.50

Education Code 17071.75

Education Code 17071.76

Education Code 17078.24

Education Code 100600

Education Code 100800