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Higher Education Facilities; Article 4. Program Provisions Applicable to the California Community Colleges   

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(a) From the proceeds of bonds issued and sold pursuant to Article 5 (commencing with Section 100700), the sum of seven hundred forty-five million eight hundred fifty-three thousand dollars ($745,853,000) shall be deposited in the 2002 Higher Education Capital Outlay Bond Fund for the purposes of this article. When appropriated, these funds shall be available for expenditure for the purposes of this article.

(b) The purposes of this article include assisting in meeting the capital outlay financing needs of the California Community Colleges.

(c) Proceeds from the sale of bonds issued and sold for the purposes of this article may be used to fund construction on existing campuses, including the construction of buildings and the acquisition of related fixtures, construction of facilities that may be used by more than one segment of public higher education (intersegmental), the renovation and reconstruction of facilities, site acquisition, the equipping of new, renovated, or reconstructed facilities, which equipment shall have an average useful life of 10 years; and to provide funds for the payment of preconstruction costs, including, but not limited to, preliminary plans and working drawings for facilities of the California Community Colleges.

(Added by Stats. 2002, Ch. 33, Sec. 30.)


Education Code 100700