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California Cultural And Historical Endowment Act; Grants and Loans   

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The endowment shall require that public agencies requesting a grant provide a matching amount of resources for the completion of the project. The match may include resources obtained from other funding agencies, and may include in-kind resources. The match shall be a proportion of the cost of the project as the endowment determines is appropriate, but the proportion shall be uniform for categories of project and public agencies, except pursuant to subdivision (c). The endowment shall determine the match proportion by considering the following:

(a) The endowment shall seek to leverage the resources available to it.

(b) The endowment shall require a match sufficient to ensure a strong commitment to the project on the part of the sponsoring agency.

(c) The endowment may require a lower than usual match if necessary to make projects realistic for underserved communities.

(Added by Stats. 2002, Ch. 1126, Sec. 1.)