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Pupil Attendance Alternatives. Special needs students   

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(a) The school district of choice may not prohibit a transfer of a pupil under this article based upon a determination by the governing board of that school district that the additional cost of educating the pupil would exceed the amount of additional state aid received as a result of the transfer. A school district may reject the transfer of a pupil if the transfer of that pupil would require the district to create a new program to serve that pupil, except that a school district of choice shall not reject the transfer of a special needs pupil, including an individual with exceptional needs, as defined in Section 56026, and an English learner.

(b) This section is intended to ensure that special education, bilingual, English learner, or other special needs pupils are not discriminated against by the school district of choice because of the costs associated with educating those pupils. Pupils with special needs may take full advantage of the choice options available under this section.

(Amended by Stats. 2009, Ch. 198, Sec. 2.)


Education Code 56026