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Article 11.5. The California Fresh Start Pilot Program   

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As a condition of receipt of funds, schoolsites participating in this program shall include tasting and sampling of nutritious fruits and vegetables as part of nutrition education.

Strategies for nutrition education that include tasting and sampling of nutritious fruits or vegetables, or both, may include, but not be limited to:

(a) Educational sampling and tasting supported with nutrition education.

(b) An offering of fruits or vegetables in the classroom that is reinforced with nutrition and agricultural bulletins.

(c) A monthly school campus farmers' market that allows opportunities for school clubs, organizations, boosters, sports teams, and other groups to organize a farmers' market that highlights California produce for the student body to sample and taste.

(d) A produce sampling program that supports a school garden's harvest through additional purchases of local, in-season fruits or vegetables to be used for a sampling and tasting program for the school campus featuring what is growing in the school garden.

(Added by Stats. 2005, Ch. 236, Sec. 1.)