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Intradistrict Transfers For Students Requesting To Attend Schools Outside Their Attendance Area   

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When space is available, the Superintendent or designee may grant requests for intradistrict transfers.

1. The District retains the right to reserve 5 percent of the operating capacity of a school or grade to house students of residence or to accommodate circumstances involving students of residence.

2. The District retains the right to reserve additional space of a school's operating capacity when it is anticipated that the attendance area will experience growth as the result of the development.

3. The District reserves the right to approve transfers, without respect to priority, based upon special circumstances that might be harmful or dangerous for students to continue at their current school. The finding of a special circumstance must be supported by written documentation.

To be eligible for priorities you must file during the open enrollment period. Priorities for attendance and approval of transfers are:

1. Home school students. Students who reside within a school's attendance area.

2. Moreno Valley Unified School District students who are attending the school on a previously approved intradistrict transfer.

3. Siblings of students currently attending the school on a previously approved intradistrict transfer.

4. Students in elementary school magnet programs attending middle school magnet programs with the same emphasis.

5. Moreno Valley Unified School District students requesting a new intradistrict transfer.

All transfers are reviewed annually to ensure students are not displaced from their home school. Once the student enrolls by attending school, the transfer continues unless the student displaces one from the resident attendance area as of the open enrollment deadline and approval.

When requests for intradistrict transfers exceed a school's capacity, students will be selected through a random, unbiased process that prohibits an evaluation of academic or athletic performance.

A waiting list of requests will be maintained and updated periodically based upon time/dated applications after the initial random selection has been completed for the succeeding school year.

All requests for intradistrict transfers must be submitted in writing on the approved form. The forms are available at school sites and the District office. The transfer request is submitted to the Facilities Department for approval or disapproval. It is time and date stamped to determine placement on a waiting list should that be necessary. All parties will be informed of the decision in compliance with District timelines.

High school students requesting to transfer from their home high school will follow California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) regulations when the transfers affect athletic eligibility. Students will be advised by both principals or designees of CIF regulations currently in effect.

With the following exceptions, all District schools are open to students as space is available. Exceptions include but are not limited to continuation high schools, specialty schools, and specialized programs with specific criteria for enrollment.

Siblings may continue at the school of choice as long as there is room to do so. The District cannot guarantee to have all members of a family attend a school and all its feeder schools through grade 12. Children too young to attend school are not guaranteed a place in the schools of choice of older children.

Intradistrict transfers which jeopardize racial or ethnic balance in either the receiving or sending school may be approved only when such a transfer would relieve a verified severe hardship.

Any denial of intradistrict transfers may be appealed in writing to the Superintendent or designee. This appeal request is to be provided to the Superintendent or designee no later than 10 days after receiving the denial of the transfer. The Superintendent shall act upon the appeal within 10 school days of its receipt. If the Superintendent upholds the denial, the parent/guardian may appeal to the Board of Education within seven school days. The Board of Education shall act upon the appeal within 25 school days of its receipt.

Requests to return to the home school from a school of choice may be approved by the Superintendent or designee as space is available during the school year. It is usually accommodated at the beginning of a school year.

Revocation of the intradistrict transfer may include but not be limited to the following:

1. Falsifying address/residence information.

2. Unsatisfactory school attendance record.

3. Lack of acceptable academic progress.

4. Repeated unacceptable behavioral/discipline violations.

5. Failure to provide transportation.

6. Owing of funds to the school district.

7. Ceasing to participate in a specialty program or school program designed with special entrance criteria.

Parents/guardians will receive information annually in December that will describe school programs, attendance options including renewal of student transfers for the succeeding school year beginning in July for year-round schools and September for schools on a traditional schedule. This information will include residency requirements for intradistrict and interdistrict transfers as well as the appeals process in case of denial of transfer request.

Annually, information will be provided to parents/guardians desiring transfers, a list of schools where space is likely to be available to accommodate students from other attendance areas. Such information will be updated as new data affecting school capacity is determined.

Transfers to elementary, middle, or high schools offering MAGNET programs are accomplished by filing an intradistrict transfer and following the procedures outlines in these regulations and contained in the information brochure. Approval of GATE transfers are subject to verification by the GATE coordinator of student eligibility to be in the GATE class.

The transfer process will commence with proper notification being forwarded to parents/guardians in December. Requests received after the end of the open enrollment period may not be processed unless there proves to be openings after the commencement of the new school year.

A student approved for a transfer must begin attendance within two days of the start of a new school year or track or within two weeks after the date of approval for the request approved during the school year or track or the transfer will become void.

Suggested Timelines

1. The open enrollment period for the following school year is the first workday following the winter recess through the second Friday of March.

2. Requests for intradistrict transfers shall be accepted in January for the succeeding school year. Notices of approval or rejection shall be forwarded in June.

3. Transfers will not be accepted after the third Friday in February for the current school year.

Legal Reference:


35160 (c) (1) Intradistrict transfers


approved: December 5, 1989 Moreno Valley, California

revised: December 12, 1995

revised: March 22, 2005

revised: December 9, 2008