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Chapter 4. Subchapter 3. Standards Used for Identification of Gifted and Talented Pupils. Method of Identification.   

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The school district shall have the responsibility for the development of a method for the identification of pupils as gifted and talented. The method of identification shall be included in the application and shall conform to these general principles:

(a) Standards shall ensure the identification of pupils who possess a capacity for excellence far beyond that of their chronological peers.

(b) Methods shall be designed to seek out and identify those pupils whose extraordinary capacities require special services and Programs.

(c) Provision shall be made for examining a pupil's range of capacities.

(d) Methods and techniques of identification shall generate information as to a pupil's capacities and needs.

(e) There shall be equal opportunity to be identified in the categories served.

(f) Methods shall be designed to seek out and identify gifted and talented pupils from varying linguistic, economic, and cultural backgrounds.

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