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Evidence for Identification.   

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Prior to identification, pertinent evidence as to a pupil's capacity for excellence far beyond that of chronological Peers shall be compiled.

(a) Appropriate data to be collected by the school district may include: school, class, and individual Pupil records; individual tests (including summary and evaluation by credentialed school psychologist); group tests; interviews and questionnaires (teacher, parent, and others). The range of data shall be broad enough to reveal gifts and talents across cultural, economic, and linguistic groups.

(b) Evidence of a pupil's capability may also be derived from pupil products, comments from peers, opinions of professional persons.

(c) Studies of the factors contributing to a pupil's underachievement and studies of a pupil's underachievement resulting from handicapping or disadvantaged conditions shall be considered.

(d) The pertinent evidence shall reflect consideration of the economic, linguistic, and cultural characteristics of the pupil's background.

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