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Superintendent of Public Instruction Duties   

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The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall:

(a) Apportion funds pursuant to this chapter to each district for which an application to offer programs pursuant to this chapter has been approved by the State Board of Education according to this chapter and regulations adopted by the board.

(b) Assist school district governing boards, upon their request, to design, implement, and evaluate programs funded under this chapter.

(c) Ensure that the expenditure of funds authorized for programs pursuant to this chapter is consistent with this chapter.

(d) Encourage the development of locally designed, innovative programs for gifted and talented pupils.

(e) Assist districts in the development and implementation of staff development programs related to gifted and talented pupils.

(f) Encourage the development of procedures that assure the ongoing participation of parents of gifted and talented pupils in the planning and evaluation of programs funded pursuant to this chapter.

(Amended by Stats 2000, Ch. 748, Sec. 2)