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Purpose of Homework

Homework is defined as the assigned learning activities that students work on outside of the classroom. Homework usually falls into one of three categories: practice, preparation, or extension. Homework should be tied directly to classroom instruction and should support a deepening of student understanding and skills.


Site administrators shall:

1. Provide professional development on homework, including overview of the Board Policy and its regulations (AR), effective strategies and practices, and time for collaboration with grade level teams or departments to plan, as needed.

2. Be responsible for ensuring compliance with the homework policy and regulations, including but not limited to the use of feedback and input from constituents, to support the implementation.

3. Have on-going discussions with staff regarding homework strategies and practices.

4. Coordinate school-wide resources and practices that support homework completion and time management skills. e.g. use of organizational resources, library facilities and academic support programs.

5. Ensure this policy and its regulations are easily accessed (and translated as needed) on the school's website or upon request.

6. Provide information to parents via newsletters, websites and other media on the purpose of homework, workloads resulting from course choices, and resources available to help families support their children; e.g. tutorial center, homework club.

7. Continue to work with students, staff and parents, to help them understand the rigors and demands of AP courses, which by their very nature, are not under our control. Encourage parents and students to consider the impact of enrolling in multiple AP classes in the same year, and guide them to make choices appropriate for each student.


Teachers of all courses will devise homework assignments that a large majority of students can complete satisfactorily within the expected amount of time. It is important to note that these numbers below refer to the time spent by the majority of students in the class. If students find that homework for class is taking significantly more than the expected amounts listed here, they should speak with their teacher for help examining their study habits and strategies and for other resources.

1. Students in College Preparatory and non-UC recognized Honors classes should expect up to 2-3 hours of focused, undistracted homework time per week in a single class.

Note: UC is changing the criteria for designating honors courses. All honors courses must be re-submitted to UC for recertification.

2. Students who choose to enroll in Advanced Placement classes, and currently as well as future UC recognized Honors courses, should expect greater workloads. The District encourages students to consider the number of AP classes they enroll in, keeping in mind that real college courses frequently require self-directed study that can, at a student's option, far exceed time specified here. The District encourages students to leave time in their schedules for this self-directed study.

3. Students who choose to accept the challenge of enrolling in an AP and UC approved honors course should expect to devote up to 4-5 hours weekly to homework aimed at mastery of an externally prescribed curriculum at the level of an introductory course in an academically respected four-year college.


Time spent on projects outside of class counts towards the total time expectations for homework. AR 5121 allows project-based assignments to be assigned as homework. These tasks should minimize group meetings outside of school hours, significant assistance from parents, or costly materials. Online communication should be encouraged to complete group projects. Teachers should monitor and be mindful of the logistical challenges of group assignments outside of the classroom.

Student Self-Advocacy Regarding Concurrent Deadlines

The District recognizes that self-advocacy skills need to be explicitly taught and regularly reinforced. In that spirit, we encourage individual students to communicate with their teachers in a timely manner when they find themselves with concurrent deadlines. Teachers will address student concerns by:

1. Offering opportunities for test corrections, retests, or revisions.

2. Extending deadlines.

3. Checking with other students to see if class-wide adjustments are appropriate.

4. Speaking with student about appropriate study strategies, planning resources and methods for handling stress.

5. Suggesting other appropriate actions.

The District will continue to explore ways to address the issue of stress caused by concurrent deadlines.

Breaks and Weekends

The homework assigned on Friday, due on the following Monday, will not exceed the average daily amount assigned on other weekdays. Students may choose to use weekends for voluntary revision, review, enrichment, or completion of make-up assignments.

Homecoming Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, December Break, February Break and April Break are designated as homework free. Homework free means that students will not be required to complete school work at these designated times, and there will be no tests given on Mondays following a homework-free weekend.

Students may choose to use these breaks for voluntary revision, review, enrichment, or completion of make-up assignments.

AP Classes may require homework over the April break, in preparation for the upcoming AP Exams. Students may access online external tutorial programs provided by the District to support them in their studies after school, in the evening and during weekends and breaks.

End of Semester

There will be no new assignments or new material introduced, other than make-up work and review activities, on the days during finals week, not designated for final exams. Students will not be pulled out of class for extra or co-curricular activities and there will be no evening school activities except for optional review sessions.


Regardless of the course, homework will not be assigned during the summer break for courses taken in the subsequent school year.

The District strongly encourages students to pursue summer reading and other activities for enjoyment and enrichment.


adopted: May 23, 2016 Mountain View, California