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Homework/Make-Up Work   

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Homework is defined as the assigned learning activities that students work on outside of the classroom. Homework usually falls into one of three categories: practice, preparation, or extension. Homework should be tied directly to classroom instruction and should support a deepening of student understanding and skills.

The Board recognizes the value of homework in helping students achieve academic success. Additionally, the board recognizes the value of extracurricular activities, and understands that unstructured time and adequate sleep are critical factors for students' mental health and their success in school. The charge to students, teachers and parents is to find an appropriate balance between the many competing claims on students' time, juggling out-of-class activities and academics, while helping students manage stress.

The amount of homework assigned varies with type and level of classes, e.g.; AP/Honors classes require more homework than 9th grade college prep classes, for example.

Teachers, students and parents have a role in supporting students' academic success and their health and welfare. Expectations for each stakeholder group include the following:

Teacher Expectations

1. Homework should have a clearly stated purpose

2. Homework is assigned to support student learning

3. Consideration is given to the amount of time and resources a student needs to spend on the assignment to complete it successfully

4. All students have equal opportunity to be successful. Homework may need to be adjusted to be appropriate to meet individual student need

5. Consideration is given to the student's responsibilities outside of their class, including work required in other classes

6. Provide guidance in effective time management strategies especially as they relate to digital technologies and Cloud Learning

7. Deadlines for assignments are posted well in advance of the due date and are accessible to students and parents on line

Student Expectations

1. Homework should be completed on time

2. To the extent possible, homework should be completed in places and at times that allow for focused, productive work. Access to social media, unless required to complete the assignment, should be limited

3. Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves and to reach out to teachers for additional help

4. Students are expected to avail themselves of services provided in the tutorial center, homework clubs, and to help from peers, parents and/or other community members

5. Students should communicate with teachers if they are having difficulty completing the assigned homework or require clarification of the assignment

Parent Expectations

1. Monitor students' educational progress and completion of assignments as needed

2. Encourage students in completing their work outside the classroom, limit access to social media during homework time, and ensure that student completes homework in a setting with as few distractions as possible

3. Help balance choices about extracurricular activities and appropriate course selection

4. Advocate on their students' behalf and encourage students' self-advocacy

The Superintendent shall ensure that each school has an effective plan to implement the homework policy.

This policy and its associated administrative regulation shall be included in all school handbooks and secondary school course catalogs, as well as distributed on district and school websites.

Legal Reference:


48205 Absences for personal reasons

48913 Completion of work missed by suspended student

48980 Parental notifications

58700-58702 Tutoring and homework assistance program; summer school apportionment credit

Management Resources:


BP/AR 5121- Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement


adopted: August 28, 1995 Mountain View, California

revised: June 15, 2015