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Presentation of Claims to State Controller   

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Whenever a governmental agency of the United States, in the collection of taxes or amounts owing to it, is authorized by federal law to levy administratively on credits owing to a debtor, it may avail itself of the provisions of this section and claim credits owing by the State to such debtor, in manner as follows

It shall file a certification of the facts with the state department, board, office or commission owing the credit to the debtor prior to the time the state agency presents the claims of the debtor therefor to the State Controller or to the State Personnel Board. The state agency in presenting the claim of the debtor shall note thereon the fact of the filing of the certificate and shall also note any amounts owed by the debtor to the State by reason of advances or for any other purpose.

Subject to the provisions of Sections 12419.4 and 12419.5, the State Controller shall issue his warrant payable to the United States Treasurer for the net amount due the debtor, after offsetting for any amounts advanced to the debtor or by him owing to the State, or as much thereof as win satisfy in full the amount owing by the debtor to the United States as so certified; any balance shall be paid to the debtor.

(Added by Stats. 1963, Ch. 1715.)