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Special Provisions Relating to Actions Against the State   

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Whenever the State has acquired by gift, under the will of a decedent or through a decree of distribution in the estate of a decedent, or otherwise than by purchase or the exercise of the power of eminent domain, a remainder interest whether contingent or vested, in real property, or an undivided fractional interest in real property, the holder or holders of the precedent estate or of other undivided fractional interests, as the case may be, may join the State as a party defendant in any action to partition said property, brought pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure or in any action in declaratory relief brought pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure. In the complaint in any such action the nature of the interest of the State shall be set forth and the manner in which the same was acquired and process in any such action shall be served upon the Attorney General and the Director of Finance. In any such action the Attorney General shall represent the State and may on behalf of the State execute such stipulations, disclaimers or consents as may be appropriate.

(Added by Stats. 1963, Ch. 1450.)