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Political Reform; Campaign Disclosure; Organization of Committees   

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(a) Whenever there is a change in any of the information contained in a statement of organization, an amendment shall be filed within 10 days to reflect the change. The committee shall file the original of the amendment with the Secretary of State and shall also file a copy of the amendment with the local filing officer, if any, with whom the committee is required to file the originals of its campaign reports pursuant to Section 84215.

(b) In addition to filing an amendment to a statement of organization as required by subdivision (a), a committee as defined in subdivision (a) of Section 82013 shall, by facsimile transmission, online transmission, guaranteed overnight delivery, or personal delivery within 24 hours, notify the filing officer with whom it is required to file the originals of its campaign reports pursuant to Section 84215 when the change requiring the amendment occurs before the date of the election in connection with which the committee is required to file a preelection statement, but after the closing date of the last preelection statement required to be filed for the election pursuant to Section 84200.7 or 84200.8, if any of the following information is changed:

(1) The name of the committee.

(2) The name of the treasurer or other principal officers.

(3) The name of any candidate or committee by which the committee is controlled or with which it acts jointly.

The notification shall include the changed information, the date of the change, the name of the person providing the notification, and the committee's name and identification number.

A committee may file a notification online only if the appropriate filing officer is capable of receiving the notification in that manner.

(Amended by Stats. 2004, Ch. 478, Sec. 3.)