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State measure; ballot pamphlet requirements   

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The ballot pamphlet shall contain as to each state measure to be voted upon, the following in the order set forth in this section:

(a) (1) Upon the top portion of the first page and not exceeding one-third of the page shall appear:

(A) The identification of the measure by number and title.

(B) The official summary prepared by the Attorney General.

(C) The total number of votes cast for and against the measure in both the State Senate and Assembly if the measure was passed by the Legislature.

(2) The space in the title and summary that is used for an explanatory table prepared pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (e) of Section 9087 of the Elections Code and Section 88003 shall not be included when measuring the amount of space the information described in paragraph (1) has taken for purposes of determining compliance with the restriction prohibiting the information described in paragraph (1) from exceeding one-third of the page.

(b) Beginning at the top of the right page shall appear the analysis prepared by the Legislative Analyst, provided that the analysis fits on a single page. If it does not fit on a single page, then the analysis shall begin on the lower portion of the first left page and shall continue on subsequent pages until it is completed.

(c) Arguments for and against the measure shall be placed on the next left and right pages, respectively, following the page on which the analysis of the Legislative Analyst ends. The rebuttals shall be placed immediately below the arguments.

(d) If no argument against the measure has been submitted, the argument for the measure shall appear on the right page facing the analysis.

(e) The complete text of each measure shall appear at the back of the pamphlet. The text of the measure shall contain the provisions of the proposed measure and the existing provisions of law repealed or revised by the measure. The provisions of the proposed measure differing from the existing provisions of law affected shall be distinguished in print, so as to facilitate comparison.

(f) The following statement shall be printed at the bottom of each page where arguments appear: "Arguments printed on this page are the opinions of the authors and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency."

(Amended by Stats. 2011, Ch. 453, Sec. 3.)