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Legal Resources | Government Code |  GC  854.1  

Medical, Hospital and Public Health Activities; Liability   

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(a) It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure continuity of care for individuals with developmental disabilities transitioning from a developmental center to the community and to prevent the unnecessary institutionalization and hospitalization of these individuals.

(b) In the effort to achieve these goals, it is the intent of the Legislature to seek and implement recommendations that include all of the following services to retain developmental center staff as employees:

(1) Crisis management teams that provide behavioral, medical, and dental treatment, training, and technical assistance.

(2) Specialized services, including adaptive equipment design and fabrication, and medical, dental, psychological, and assessment services.

(3) Staff support in community homes to assist individuals with behavioral or psychiatric needs.

(c) As used in this chapter, the terms "mental institution" or "medical facility" also include a developmental services facility. For the purposes of this chapter "developmental services facility" means any facility or place where a public employee provides services and supports to individuals transitioning from a developmental center to the community or to individuals with developmental disabilities at risk of admission to a developmental center, an institution for mental disease, an out-of-state placement, a general acute care hospital, or an acute psychiatric hospital.

(Amended by Stats. 2014, Ch.30, Sec. 1.).)