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Candiateís separate account for legal fees   

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(a) A candidate for elective office other than an elective state office or an elected officer other than an elected state officer may establish a separate account pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 85304 and may use these funds only to defray attorney's fees and other related legal costs.

(b) A candidate for an elective office other than an elective state office may receive contributions to the separate account subject to any limitations provided by local ordinance. However, all contributions to these separate accounts shall be reported in a manner prescribed by the commission.

(c) Once the legal dispute is resolved, the candidate or elected officer shall dispose of any funds remaining in the separate accounts after all expenses associated with the dispute are discharged for one or more of the purposes set forth in paragraphs (1) to (5), inclusive, of subdivision (b) of Section 89519.

Added by Stats. 2007, Ch. 283, Sec. 1.)