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California Fair Elections Act Of 2008; Article 5. Fair Elections Benefits   

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(a) Candidates who qualify for Fair Elections funding for primary and general elections shall:

(1) Receive Fair Elections funding from the commission for each election in an amount specified by Section 91099. This funding may be used to finance campaign expenses during the particular campaign period for which it was allocated consistent with Section 91081.

(2) Receive, if a performance-qualified candidate, additional Fair Elections funding to match the effective expenditures of any candidates in the election that exceed the effective expenditures of the performance-qualified candidate.

(b) The maximum aggregate amount of funding a participating performance-qualified candidate shall receive to match independent electioneering expenditures and excess expenditures of nonparticipating candidates shall not exceed four times the base funding amount pursuant to Section 91099 for a particular primary or general election campaign period.

(Added by Stats. 2008, Ch. 735, Sec. 4.)