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California Fair Elections Act Of 2008; Disclosure Requirements   

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(a) In addition to any other report required by this chapter, a committee, including a political party committee, that is required to file reports pursuant to Section 84605 and that makes independent electioneering expenditures of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) or more during a calendar year in connection with a candidate for Secretary of State, shall file online or electronically a report with the Secretary of State disclosing the making of the independent electioneering expenditure. This report shall disclose the same information required by subdivision (b) of Section 84204 and shall be filed within 24 hours of the time the independent electioneering expenditure is made.

(b) The report to the Secretary of State shall include a signed statement under penalty of perjury by the person or persons making the independent electioneering expenditure identifying the candidate or candidates whom the independent electioneering expenditure is intended to help elect or defeat and affirming that the expenditure is independent and whether it is coordinated with a candidate or a political party.

(c) Any individual or organization that fails to file the required report to the Secretary of State or provides materially false information in a report filed pursuant to subdivision (a) or (b) may be fined up to three times the amount of the independent electioneering expenditure, in addition to any other remedies provided by this act.

(d) The Secretary of State shall provide information received pursuant to subdivision (a) to the commission simultaneously upon receipt. Upon receiving a report that an independent electioneering expenditure has been made or obligated to be made, the commission shall immediately release additional Fair Elections funding pursuant to Section 91095.

(Added by Stats. 2008, Ch. 735, Sec. 4.)