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District Student Attendance Mediation Committee   

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Upon receiving a referral of a student with attendance and/or behavior problems, a designated member of the Student Attendance Mediation (SAM) Committee shall review the case and may meet with school personnel to determine whether the school has provided sufficient information about the student's attendance record or behavior. If the referral is complete and is an appropriate matter for the SAM Committee to consider, the SAM Committee chairperson shall provide written notification to the student's parents/guardians stating the reasons a referral has been made, explaining the SAM process, advising whether additional information is needed, and describing school-level interventions that have previously been attempted.

The SAM Committee shall meet with the student and his/her parents/guardians, give them an opportunity to present their understanding of the problem, and discuss the school and/or community resources appropriate for the student's circumstances.

Any SAM Committee meeting to consider matters related to an individual student shall be held in closed session unless the parent/guardian requests, in writing, that the meeting be held in open session.

(cf. 9321 - Closed Session Purposes and Agendas)

The SAM Committee shall have access to relevant student records, but shall not provide access to others without written consent of the student's parent/guardian. (Education Code 49076)

(cf. 5125 - Student Records)

For the limited purpose of making a proper disposition of the referral of a student, the SAM Committee may issue subpoenas pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure 1985-1997 or may request the juvenile court to issue subpoenas to require the attendance of the student, parents/guardians or other person having control of the student, the school authority referring the student, or any other person who has pertinent or material information concerning the matter. The SAM Committee shall not issue any subpoena that includes a request for production of written materials, but may request a juvenile court to issue such subpoena for the production of written materials. (Education Code 48263, 48321.5)

The SAM Committee shall issue written directives stating the responsibilities of all persons involved, detailed resource referrals, and follow-up dates for the school's reports on the student's progress. The written directives shall include an agreement that the student will attend school or improve classroom behavior as applicable, and shall be signed by the student, his/her parents/guardians, the SAM Committee chairperson, and the Superintendent or designee.

When referred by the SAM Committee, a student may be assigned to a community day school or a county community school. (Education Code 1981, 48662)

(cf. 6185 - Community Day School)

At any time it deems proper, the SAM Committee may require the student or his/her parents/guardians to furnish satisfactory evidence of participation in any available community services that the student or parents/guardians have been directed to use. (Education Code 48263)

Based on progress reports submitted by the school, the SAM Committee may terminate the agreement upon the successful completion of the terms of the agreement, extend the time for completion of the agreement, or schedule another meeting with the student and his/her parents/guardians.

If the student's attendance or behavior problems cannot be resolved by the SAM Committee, or if the student and/or the student's parents/guardians continually and willfully fail to respond to SAM Committee directives or the services provided, the student or parents/guardians shall be referred to the appropriate agency, including law enforcement agencies when necessary. (Education Code 48263, 48290-48291)


approved: January 10, 2018 Grass Valley, California