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Prompt Payment Act; Medi-Cal program   

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This chapter shall not apply to claims for reimbursement for health care services provided under the Medi-Cal program, unless the Medi-Cal health care services provider is a small business or nonprofit organization. In applying this section to claims submitted to the state, or its fiscal intermediary, by providers of services or equipment under the Medi-Cal program, payment for claims shall be due 30 days after a claim is received by the state or its fiscal intermediary, unless reasonable cause for nonpayment exists. With regard to Medi-Cal claims, reasonable cause shall include review of claims to determine medical necessity, review of claims for providers subject to special prepayment fraud and abuse controls, and claims that require review by the fiscal intermediary or State Department of Health Care Services due to special circumstances. Claims requiring special review as specified above shall not be eligible for a late payment penalty.

(Amended by Stats. 2010, Ch. 719, Sec. 16.)