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California Fair Elections Act Of 2008; Article 11. Administration   

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(a) Upon a determination that a candidate has met all the requirements for becoming a participating candidate as provided for in this act, the commission shall issue to the candidate a card, known as the "Fair Elections Debit Card," and a "line of debit" entitling the candidates and members of the candidate's staff to draw Fair Elections funds from a commission account to pay for all campaign costs and expenses up to the amount of Fair Elections funding the candidate has received.

(b) Neither a participating candidate nor any other person on behalf of a participating candidate shall pay campaign costs by cash, check, money order, loan, or by any other financial means other than the Fair Elections Debit Card.

(c) Cash amounts of one hundred dollars ($100) or less per day may be drawn on the Fair Elections Debit Card and used to pay expenses of no more than twenty-five dollars ($25) each. Records of all such expenditures shall be maintained and, upon request, made available to the commission.

(Added by Stats. 2008, Ch. 735, Sec. 4.)