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Disclosure in Advertisements   

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(a) In addition to the remedies provided for in Chapter 11 (commencing with Section 91000) of this title, any person who violates this article is liable in a civil or administrative action brought by the commission or any person for a fine up to three times the cost of the advertisement, including placement costs.

(b) The remedies provided in subdivision (a) shall also apply to any person who purposely causes any other person to violate any provision of this article or who aids and abets any other person in a violation.

(c) If a judgment is entered against the defendant or defendants in an action brought under this section, the plaintiff shall receive 50 percent of the amount recovered. The remaining 50 percent shall be deposited in the General Fund of the state. In an action brought by a local civil prosecutor, 50 percent shall be deposited in the account of the agency bringing the action and 50 percent shall be paid to the General Fund of the state.

(Added by Prop. 208, Sec. 37.)