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Curriculum Development And Evaluation   

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The district Curriculum Committee serves as a forum for curricular concerns throughout the district, including, but not limited to State Department of Education Model Curriculum Standards, the California Common Core Standards, District Course of Study, on-line learning, curriculum alignment, staff development, curriculum practices and methodologies, integrated curriculum and small learning community development, testing, evaluation, and accountability. It will serve as a vehicle for district-wide articulation of resources such as special projects, site councils, site priorities, and district-wide priorities.

The committee shall represent all areas of curriculum. The configuration of the committee is set forth as follows:

1. Voting Members

a. Two teachers from Bear River High School's Site Curriculum Committee;

b. Two teachers from Nevada Union High School's Site Curriculum Committee;

c. One teacher from Park Avenue Alternative Education Site;

d. One teacher from McCourtney Road Educational Center;

e. One teacher from the William and Marian Ghidotti High School;

Teacher representatives will be elected by members of the schools' site curriculum committee. In the absence of a site curriculum committee, the site's representative will be elected by site certificated staff.

f. One school counselor from Nevada Union High School and one school counselor from Bear River High School;

Counselor representatives will be elected by members of the District Guidance Council.

g. Administrative members shall include the five site principals and the Director of Special Education.

Voting members shall serve a two-year term unless at the site is necessary as a result of a member no longer serving on the Site Curriculum Committee.

2. Non-Voting Members

a. District Curriculum and Instruction Administrator;

b. District Technology Director or designee;

c. District Testing Coordinator;

d. A representative from the Board of Trustees;

e. A representative from the Regional occupational Program (ROP).

All curriculum recommendations made by this committee shall be forwarded to the Superintendent who shall recommend or not recommend action by the Board of Trustees.


approved: October 9, 2013 Grass Valley, California