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Student Enrollment In Multiple District Sites   

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Taking Classes Concurrently at More than One School in the District

In order to maintain a variety of educational options for students that allow each to achieve the district's mission and "reach their full potential and prepare for work and lifelong learning", the district encourages an "open access" approach to the use of available resources in the district.

Unless restricted from participating in the process outlined by this policy as a result of disciplinary action by the district governing board (such as an expulsion), students may be concurrently enrolled in courses at more than one high school within the district. In particular, students whose full-time (at least 15 hours per week in continuation school or 20 hours per week in traditional or independent study programs) attendance is generated through enrollment at one site in the district, may enroll in up to two courses at another site within the district as well.

Students who request access to courses on the same site at which they are enrolled in a independent study program will be given consideration in the same manner as is given to all other students enrolled at that site. Students who request access to courses on a site other than that at which their attendance is generated will be given consideration on a "seat available" basis.

Requests for consideration of student enrollment between sites should be initiated by an administrator of the attendance generating (sending) school. Requests should be made to the administrator who oversees the enrollment at the receiving school (or his/her designee).

At Nevada Union and Bear River, students must comply with existing attendance policies in order to receive class credit. Therefore, students must attend classes for the first time prior to the 15th day of the class, unless they are transferring from a similar class. Students who drop classes at Bear River and Nevada Union may not "reserve" or hold a seat in those classes while they enroll in an alternative program. Students, who wish to re-enroll in a class they have dropped at Bear River or Nevada Union, after becoming a full-time student in an alternative program, have equal status and priority with all other students requesting available seats at that time.

Students who enroll in multiple sites in the district are expected to conform to the behavior expectations at each site. Their privileges while on each site are the same as other students enrolled in the particular course on that site (e.g., library use, access to food service, health services) at that time but do not automatically extend to unrelated extra-curricular activities (e.g., dances and other social activities).

Concurrent Enrollment in Hourly Programs

It is not the intent of this policy to encourage students to accelerate their acquisition of graduation credits through this process, but rather to supplement the course offerings at each site through a coordinated and fiscally sound method. In general, students who need classes for purposes of "credit recovery", to make up classes they have failed, should enroll in classes offered through the district's "hourly programs". Enrollment in "hourly programs" by students who wish to enrich their educational experience, by taking "extra" classes or acquiring credits at a faster than average rate, is limited to 7 percent of the total district enrollment and requires permission from the student's counselor and possibly his/her administrator. For that reason, interested students should explore other opportunities for enrichment such as those provided by R.O.P., Sierra College and through other educational institutions and resources such as on-line college classes.


adopted: July 1, 2001 Grass Valley, California

revised: October 11, 2006

revised: October 9, 2013