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Recruiting Activities   

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The Board of Trustees wants to ensure that students have balanced access to information about the range of educational and career options available to them so they can make informed decisions. This regulation also establishes recruiter conduct regulations to protect student confidentiality and preserve the custodial rights of parents and legal guardians.


"Recruiter" means an entity with information for high school students about a specific college, university, trade school, apprenticeship, employer, military branch, or other post-secondary school or vocational opportunity. Recruiters include, but are not limited to, college recruiters, prospective employers, military recruiters, and entities offering alternative information to military careers. Recruiters do not include individuals, agencies or programs whose primary purpose is to provide general information or counseling on applying for colleges, jobs, scholarship or grants.

"Recruiting Organization" means each college, university, trade school, employer, military branch and organization with alternative information to military careers is considered a separate recruiting organization.

"Career Information" means factual material relevant to career choices that is designed to help students make an informed decision regarding whether or where to continue their education, seek job training and/or apply for employment.

Equal Access for Those Offering Post Secondary Opportunities

Recruiters offering students information on careers and post-secondary educational opportunities shall be given equal access to the Nevada Joint Union High School District schools, including the use of publications and spaces designated for distributing such information and participation in career and college information activities.

Each school shall have the flexibility to determine when recruiters may visit, but in order to be in compliance with the equal access rule, no recruiting organization shall have the opportunity to visit a school more than four times per school year. A centralized career/college fair at the school is not included as a campus visit. The requirement of this section do not apply to visits by recruiters to administrative offices solely for the purpose of meeting with school personnel, provided they sign in and out at the school's main office. Recruiters shall refrain from engaging in recruiting activities when making administrative visits to a school unless the visit is counted as one of the recruiting organization's allotment of four visits per year and all recruiter regulations are followed.

In order to monitor the frequency of visits, visitor sign-in lists shall be retained at each school site for no less than one year.

Student Confidentiality and Parent/Guardian Custodial Rights

To protect student privacy and the rights of parent and legal guardians to opt out of releases of student information, the following rules apply:

1. Recruiters must follow established district procedures for requesting student contact information from the district central office. (Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5125.1) Recruiters visiting schools shall not at any time solicit contact information directly from students or require it as a condition to participate in an activity or receive an award or gift. Recruiters are free to provide their contact information to students who wish to get in touch with them outside of school.

2. Aptitude tests shall not be given during the school day if the data obtained will be directly released to recruiting personnel. To ensure consistency with opt-out provisions for the release of contact information to the military, schools that allow administration of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) must notify the military that recruiter release option 8 ("results not released to military recruiting services") must be applied to all students taking the test. After students receive their test scores, they can arrange to release their aptitude data directly to recruitment representatives if they wish.


All recruiters must be given a copy of the following regulations at the main office when they check in.

Recruiter Regulations

1. Except when attending a centralized school career/college fair or making an administrative visit, recruiters must contact the principal or principal's designee prior to their visit to schedule specific times to be on campus.

2. All recruiting organizations are limited to visiting a school four times each school year, except it is not counted when representatives are attending a centralized school career/college fair, invited by a teacher to be a guest speaker in a classroom, or solely visiting with school personnel.

3. All recruiters must sign in and out in the school's main office each time they visit the campus.

4. Recruiters shall be limited to two or three recruiters per organization per visit.

5. Recruiters will be allowed an equal length of time and a similar location.

6. Recruiters shall not have unfettered access to students in classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, or other areas of the school.

7. No recruiting activity is permitted that would disrupt the conduct of normal school activities or interfere with students.

8. Recruiters shall limit all recruiting activities to the specific area designated by the principal or principal's designee. This designated area must be within a specific confined space on the campus (such as an office or next to an outside table); recruiters may not roam the campus or school grounds. Recruiters may not pursue or approach students; recruiting activities may only be directed at students who affirmatively approach the recruiter for information.

9. Recruiters visiting schools shall not at any time solicit contact information directly from students or require it as a condition to participate in an activity or receive an award or gift. Recruiters may provide their contact information to students who wish to get in touch with them outside of school.

10. All recruiters must clearly identify the organization that they are recruiting for: military recruiters must be in uniform, and all other recruiters must wear identification that similarly indicates the organization that they are recruiting for and a visitors pass must be worn.

11. Displays of weapons are not permitted at any time, including weapon simulators.


Any violation of this regulation shall be reported to the principal or principal's designee and may result in loss of school access. Two or more instances of noncompliance by a recruiter or recruiting organization shall be reported by the principal to the superintendent. If a principals finds that a recruiter has violated this regulation, he or shall deliver a written notice of the violation to the recruiting organization, explaining that additional violations may result in the recruiter's or recruiting organization's exclusion from the school for twelve months.


Notice of implementation and a copy of this regulation shall be sent to all relevant district administrative staff and school site principals and posted on the district website. Principals shall be directed to ensure that the requirements of this regulation are followed by all guidance, teaching and security staff who might have contact with recruiting representatives.


approved: December 14, 2011 Grass Valley, California

revised: October 9, 2013