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Library Media Centers   

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The Governing Board recognizes that school libraries support the educational program by providing access to a variety of informational and supplemental resources that can help raise the academic achievement of all students. The Board desires that school libraries be stocked with up-to-date books, reference materials, and electronic resources that promote literacy, support academic standards, and prepare students to become lifelong learners.

(cf. 0440 - District Technology Plan)

(cf. 1330.1 - Joint Use Agreements)

(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)

(cf. 6163.4 - Student Use of Technology)

(cf. 7110 - Facilities Master Plan)

The Superintendent or designee may assign teacher librarians to perform the following duties in accordance with the authorizations of their credential: (5 CCR 80053, 80053.1)

1. Instruct students in accessing, evaluating, using, and integrating information and resources in the library program and/or provide departmentalized instruction in information literacy, digital literacy, and digital citizenship

2. Plan and coordinate school library programs with the district's instructional programs through collaboration with teachers

3. Select materials for school and district libraries

4. Develop and deliver staff development programs for school library services

5. Coordinate or supervise library programs at the school or district level

6. Plan and conduct a course of instruction for students who assist in the operation of school libraries

7. Supervise classified personnel assigned school library duties

8. Develop procedures for and management of the school and district libraries

The Board also may appoint classified paraprofessionals to serve as library aides or library technicians. Volunteers may assist with school library services in accordance with law, Board policy, and administrative regulation.

(cf. 1240 - Volunteer Assistance)

(cf. 4222 - Teachers Aides/Paraprofessionals)

Hours of Operation

School libraries shall be open for use by students and teachers during the school day. (Education Code 18103)

With the approval of the Board, a school library may be open at other hours outside the school day, including evenings and Saturdays. Any library open to serve students during evening and Saturday hours shall be under the supervision of a certificated employee who consents to the assignment. (Education Code 18103)

Selection and Evaluation of School Library Materials

Library materials shall be continually evaluated in relation to evolving curricula, new formats of materials, new instructional methods, and the needs of students and teachers. Materials that contain outdated subject matter or are no longer appropriate shall be removed.

(cf. 3270 - Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies)

All gifts and donations of school library materials shall be subject to the same criteria as materials selected for purchase by the district.

(cf. 1260 - Educational Foundation)

(cf. 3290 - Gifts, Grants and Bequests)

Complaints regarding the appropriateness of library materials shall be addressed using the district's procedures for complaints regarding instructional materials.

(cf. 1312.2 - Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials)


Students shall be allowed to borrow school library materials at no charge for use in the library and classrooms as well as out of school. (5 CCR 16042)

(cf. 3260 - Fees and Charges)

Students shall be encouraged to return library materials in a timely manner, but no charge shall be assessed for the late return of materials.

The district shall, on or before August 31 each year, report to the CDE on the condition of its school libraries for the preceding year ending June 30. (Education Code 18122)

Legal Reference:


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adopted: October 15, 1996 Newark, California

revised: June 16, 2015