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Newport-Mesa USD |  AR  1312.2  Community Relations

Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials   

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People interested in the instructional programs and supporting operations of the school district may from time to time raise questions concerning instructional materials, instructional techniques and/or programs. The first step in resolving a problem is to contact the teacher or program leader, followed by contact with the principal or supervisor most directly involved with the issue.

The following has been developed to handle the unresolved complaints of a district resident regarding instructional content, techniques and/or programs. The hearing process described in the next paragraphs exists to deal with unresolved complaints, but will be used only after contact with (1) teacher, (2) principal, (3) supervisor and/or other appropriate administrators, such as the Superintendent or designee. These normal avenues of communication always remain open to any resident.

This complaint procedure may be requested by (1) a district resident, (2) the staff member(s) involved, (3) the principal, unit supervisor or Superintendent. The review procedure may be terminated any time that both parties agree that (1) the complaint has been resolved, or (2) that no further action is necessary or (3) it is determined that no resolution is achievable through the hearing process.


This regulation has been adopted to implement the intent of BP 1312.2. This regulation is approved to ensure a formal channel of communication and action concerning unresolved complaints. It does not replace normal avenues of communications open to any resident with the Superintendent and the Governing Board.

1. A program "Complaint Form" shall be completed in a manner as specific as possible and delivered to the teacher, the principal, or unit supervisor after failure to resolve a problem as stated in Background (above). If more than one complaint concerning the same subject is received, they will be combined for one Review Committee. If the subject of a complaint has been reviewed in the past six months, a copy of the Review Committee's report will be forwarded to the current complainant, and no Review Committee will be appointed.

2. The principal or unit supervisor, after indicating receipt of the "Complaint Form," shall be responsible to forward copies of the form to the Superintendent and all others involved within five working days of receipt.

3. The Superintendent will appoint a district Review Committee and a Review Committee Coordinator. The Review Committee shall include one resident of the community and appropriate staff members as determined by the Superintendent.

4. As soon as all members and the Coordinator are named, the Review Committee Coordinator shall convene the Review Committee at a reasonable time and place.

5. The Review Committee shall establish its own procedures for examining the facts of the case and for consultation with persons whose opinions may be important for arriving at a final recommendation. However, such procedures should be conducted:

a. In an atmosphere conducive to thoughtful inquiry

b. In a manner that protects the intellectual integrity and professional and private lives of all involved.

c. In a manner that protects the rights of students, teachers and parents/guardians

d. In a manner consistent with the policies adopted by the Board

e. Within the framework of Roberts' Rules of Order

6. The Review Committee shall be charged with the responsibility of arriving at a recommendation with a period of time specified by the Superintendent.

7. The Superintendent will receive the recommendation of the Review Committee and will render a decision in the dispute. Such decision shall be final except that any party to the dispute may appeal the decision by requesting a hearing with the Board.

8. The questioning of instructional programs will not result in the withdrawal of such programs from the classroom pending the recommendation of the Review Committee and the decision of the Superintendent, except in cases which, in the considered opinion of the Superintendent, involve the immediate welfare and/or safety of the students and/or the district.

9. All parties involved in the review process will receive a written summary of the findings of the Review Committee.


approved: September 8, 2009 Costa Mesa, California