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Newport-Mesa USD |  AR  1100  Community Relations

Communication With The Public   

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Guidelines are established by the District to ensure neighbors of local schools receive consideration and notification of new construction and/or school facilities improvements.

In accordance with BP 1100 and in an effort to maintain transparent communication with the public, the Facilities Support Services division shall notify homeowners within 500 feet of a proposed construction project, if a proposed project directly impacts residents. Examples include projects that hinder residents' existing line of sight, such as construction of new buildings, back stops and safety netting, scoreboards and shade structures, to name a few. Routine maintenance projects, such as repainting, landscaping and replacement of existing fencing, to name a few, are not included in this administrative regulation. Notification shall be provided to residents prior to the completion of the full project design, so that the community's input may be considered prior to the final design of the project.

If a proposed construction project is large in scope or size (a project more than 15 feet high, or 800 square feet, or new buildings), or if directed by the superintendent or designee, a public meeting will be scheduled to allow for a formal opportunity for public input. Homeowners that live within 500 feet of a proposed construction project will receive notification of a public meeting at least two weeks prior to the meeting. The Board may require additional meetings. The district will provide a project overview, exhibits, other related collateral material that are indicative of the proposed project, and indication of when this might next appear on the Board agenda. If a proposed project is required to follow the California Environmental Quality Act process (CEQA), that will take precedence over this administrative regulation. The CEQA process includes multiple communications and public input opportunities.


cabinet approved: November 15, 2016 Costa Mesa, California