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Article 8. School Attendance Review Boards   

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(a) In enacting this article it is the intent of the Legislature that intensive guidance and coordinated community services may be provided to meet the special needs of pupils with school attendance problems or school behavior problems.

(b) Any school attendance review board, established pursuant to this article, which determines that available public and private services are insufficient or inappropriate to correct school attendance or school behavior problems of minors may:

(1) Propose and promote the use of alternatives to the juvenile court system.

(2) Provide, in any proposed alternative, for maximum utilization of community and regional resources appropriately employed in behalf of minors prior to any involvement with the judicial system.

(3) Encourage an understanding that any alternative based on the utilization of community resources carries an inherent agency and citizen commitment directed toward the continuing improvement of such resources and the creation of resources where none exist.

(Amended by Stats. 1982, Ch. 327, Sec. 9.)