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Superintendent duties   

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Out of funds appropriated for these purposes, the superintendent shall administer this article. The responsibilities of the superintendent in administering this article shall include, but are not limited to, ensuring all of the following:

(a) Sufficient bilingual personnel are available within the department with familiarity, competency, and proficiency in bilingual-crosscultural instruction to meet the needs of this article and to administer, review, monitor, and evaluate the use of state or federal categorical aid funds allocated to local districts which have been wholly or partially allocated on the basis of the educational needs of pupils of limited-English proficiency.

(b) Department personnel responsible for the administration, review, monitoring, or evaluation of programs operating pursuant to this article have been sufficiently trained to carry out the intent of this article to meet the needs of the pupil of limited-English proficiency.

(c) There is within the department an administrative unit responsible for bilingual-bicultural educational programs and policies through which the superintendent shall carry out his or her functions pursuant to this article.

(d) Districts are providing each pupil of limited-English proficiency with an educational opportunity equal to that available to English-speaking pupils; they are making appropriate use of local and state general funds to provide bilingual-crosscultural teachers and other required services; and an annual report is made to the Legislature regarding the extent to which this article has been implemented by school districts throughout the state. All districts in which pupils of limited-English proficiency are enrolled shall be reviewed through an onsite technical assistance, monitoring, and enforcement process at least once every three years.

(Amended by Stats. 2001, Ch. 750, Sec. 14.)