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Orientation, Guidance and Assistance.   

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(a) Orientation, Guidance and Assistance to Holders of the Emergency Teaching Permit. The employing agency shall provide an orientation to teaching for the holders of the emergency teaching permits specified in Section 80023. Each recipient of an emergency teaching permit that is issued after January 31, 1994 shall attend an orientation when he or she obtains an emergency teaching permit for the first time. The employing agency may vary the nature, content and duration of the orientation to match the amount of training and experience previously completed by emergency permit teachers.

(1) The orientation to teaching shall include, but not be limited to, an overview of all of the following topics:

(A) the curriculum that the emergency permit teacher is expected to teach;

(B) effective techniques of classroom instruction at the emergency permit teacher's assigned level: preschool, elementary, middle, secondary, or adult education; and

(C) effective techniques of classroom management at the emergency permit teacher's assigned level: elementary or secondary.

(2) To the extent reasonably feasible, the orientation to teaching shall occur before the emergency permit teacher begins his or her teaching assignment.

(b) Commencing July 1, l994, the employing agency shall assign an experienced educator to guide and assist each holder of an emergency teaching permit specified in Section 80023. The experienced educator shall:

(1) be a certificated employee of the employing agency, or a certificated retiree of a California school district or county office of education; and

(2) have completed at least three years of full-time classroom teaching experience.

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(Amended by Register 94, No. 16.)