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Newport-Mesa USD |  BP  0420.5  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Shared Decision Making   

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Shared decision-making is a process through which the culture, organization, and procedures of a school and district are changed in a timely manner so that learning and teaching are enhanced. The process includes involvement of all segments of the school community, based upon mutual trust, shared responsibility, and accountability.

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District Governing Board supports the establishment of a school-based decision-making structure that makes effective use of the school community and has as its primary goal the continual improvement of student learning. This structure fosters shared decision making throughout the district, at all school sites and in each department.

The opportunity to participate in shared decision-making will be available to all schools, and within each school to all who share responsibility for student learning. Each school engaged in shared decision-making will be encouraged to develop a collegial model that meets the needs of the learners. The district will allow sufficient time to develop an understanding of shared decision-making. There will be an ongoing commitment to planning, implementation, and evaluation of both the process and student learning.

Changes in school organization, instructional practices, and staff roles will occur in phases and will need time to evolve. The environment must allow for flexibility, risk taking, and an atmosphere in which various talents cooperate with freedom of communication; upward, downward, and laterally. Ultimate success is dependent upon the collaboration and participation of certificated and classified employees, administrators, parents, students, community members, and employee organization leadership, with the support of the Board.

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adopted: September 8, 2009 Costa Mesa, California