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Newport-Mesa USD |  AR  3513.3  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Tobacco-Free Schools   

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Information about the district's tobacco-free schools policy and enforcement procedures shall be communicated clearly to employees, parents/guardians, students and the community. (Health and Safety Code 104420)

(cf. 4112.9/4212.9/4312.9 - Employee Notifications)

At each entrance to a building or structure, the Superintendent or designee shall post a sign stating "No smoking" as appropriate. (Labor Code 6404.5)


Any employee or student who violates the district's tobacco-free schools policy shall be asked to refrain from smoking and shall be subject to disciplinary action as appropriate.

(cf. 4118 - Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)

Any other person who violates the district's policy on tobacco-free schools shall be informed of the district's policy and asked to refrain from smoking. If the person fails to comply with this request, the Superintendent or designee may:

1. Direct the person to leave school property

2. Request local law enforcement assistance in removing the person from school premises

3. If the person repeatedly violates the tobacco-free schools policy, prohibit him/her from entering district property for a specified period of time

(cf. 1250 - Visitors/Outsiders)

(cf. 3515.2 - Disruptions)


approved: September 8, 2009 Costa Mesa, California