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Infectious Diseases   

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Upon notification of a child with suspected or diagnosed infectious disease, the following regulations shall be followed.

The determination of admission or exclusion of students with infectious disease, as well as infectious disease prevention and control measures shall be determined by the Superintendent or designee according to standard procedures which may include consultation with appropriate resources such as:

1. The American Academy of Pediatrics Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases or American Public Health Association document, "Control of Communicable Diseases in Man"

2. The student's parent/guardian and/or physician

3. District Health Services representative

4. The Orange County Health Care Agency, Public Health, designated representative

5. A review panel convened by the Superintendent or designee to make recommendations regarding appropriate services and educational programs

All reportable communicable diseases shall be reported to the Orange County Health Care Agency, Public Health, according to standard procedures. The final authority for decisions about control of disease spread in the county is the Orange County Health Officer.

If a child is excluded because of an infectious disease, and if it is determined that the student's presence would constitute a clear and present danger to the life, safety, or health of students or school personnel, it is not required that a prior notice of the exclusion be sent to the parent/guardian. However, a notice shall be sent as soon as reasonably possible after the exclusion in accordance with Education Code 48213.

Upon the Superintendent or designee's decision to exclude a child from school, an alternative education program shall be offered to the student, such as home instruction or independent study when appropriate.

When deemed appropriate by the Superintendent or designee, a written statement from the student's physician and/or the Orange County Health Officer or designee shall be obtained to verify that a student does not pose a risk of infection to other students and district personnel.

The Superintendent or designee shall periodically monitor students who are excluded.

All rights to confidentiality of a student are to be strictly observed in accordance with the law and district policy governing the confidentiality of student records. Medical information may be disclosed only to the extent required or permitted by law, or as authorized by the written consent of the parent/guardian. Although parental permission is desired, students ages 12 and above have the legal right to personal confidentiality in regards to HIV/AIDS status. Information about HIV/AIDS status may only be shared with written authorization from the student (ages 12-18) and/or by parent/guardian for the student under age 12, using the Newport-Mesa Unified School District "Authorization for Release of HIV/AIDS Information" form.

The parent/guardian of a student with an infectious disease under this section may make a written request to the Superintendent or designee for the student to enroll in the district. The written request shall be accompanied by a written authorization to the Superintendent or designee to obtain confidential information from the student's physician and any other source of medical, psychological or educational information that may be required to reach a decision regarding admission/exclusion or other placement.

Written statements shall also be obtained from the student's physician, and may be requested from the Orange County Health Officer or designee and/or the district's physician indicating that admittance of the student poses no unusual risk to the student or the school community if admission is to be considered as a placement option for the student.

When a review panel is convened by the Superintendent or designee, members may include the student's parent/guardian, the student's physician, a district school nurse or other Health Services representative, the Orange County Health Officer or designee, the Superintendent or designee, or other appropriate resource personnel. The chairperson shall be designated by the Superintendent.

1. When in-depth review is warranted for determining appropriate education, services, prevention or control measures, the Superintendent or designee shall request written parental release for providing confidential medical information to personnel designated as needing to know and for any members of a review panel. As deemed appropriate, members of a review panel may consider confidential information without knowing the student's name.

2. The review panel shall consider all confidential information provided by the parents, physicians, and other health care providers; the student's health and developmental status including effects of body functions and behaviors in interaction with others; risks to the student; risks to other students and personnel; and other matters deemed appropriate.

3. The review panel shall prepare written recommendations for the Superintendent or designee and, if so directed, provide regular review and modifications as indicated.

4. The review panel shall hold the student's identity, related discussion and all recommendations in confidence outside the panel, except in accordance with law.


approved: September 8, 2009 Costa Mesa, California