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Parental Notifications   

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Cautionary Notice: As added and amended by SBX3 4 (Ch. 12, Third Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009), ABX4 2 (Ch. 2 Fourth Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009), and SB 70 (Ch. 7, Statutes of 2011), Education Code 42605 grants districts flexibility in "Tier 3" categorical programs. The Newport-Mesa Unified School District has accepted this flexibility and thus is deemed in compliance with the statutory or regulatory program and funding requirements for these programs for the 2008-09 through 2014-15 fiscal years. As a result, the district may temporarily suspend certain provisions of the following policy or regulation that reflect these requirements. For further information, please contact the Superintendent or designee.

Cautionary Notice 2010-13: AB 1610 (Ch. 724, Statutes of 2010) amended Education Code 37252.2 and Government Code 17581.5 to relieve districts from the obligation, until July 1, 2013, to perform any activities that are deemed to be reimbursable state mandates under those sections. As a result, certain provisions of the following policy or administrative regulation that reflect those requirements may be suspended.

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

I. Annually

Beginning of each school 17612, 48980.3 AR 3514.2 Use of pesticide product,

year active ingredients, Internet

address to access information

Annually by February 1 35256 BP 0510 School Accountability

Report Card provided

Beginning of each school 35291, 48980 AR 5144 District and site discipline

year AR 5144.1 rules

Beginning of each school 46010.1 BP 5113 Absence for confidential

year medical services

Beginning of each school 48980 BP 6111 Schedule of minimum days


Beginning of each school 48980, 231.5; AR 5145.7 Sexual harassment policy

year 5 CCR 4917 as related to students

Beginning of each school 48980, 32255- AR 5145.8 Right to refrain from harmful

year 32255.6 or destructive use of animals

Beginning of each school 48980, 35160.5, AR 5111.1 All statutory attendance

year 46600-46611, AR 5116.1 options, available local

48204 AR 5117 attendance options, options for

meeting residency

Beginning of each school 48980, 46014 BP 5113 Absence for religious

year, if Board has adopted AR 5113 purposes

resolution allowing such


Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

I. Annually (continued)

Beginning of each school 48980, 48205 BP 5113 Excused absences; grade/credit

year AR 5113 cannot be reduced due to

AR 6154 excused absence if work or test

has been completed

Beginning of each school 48980, 48206.3, AR 6183 Availability of home/hospital

year 48207, 48208 instruction for students with

temporary disabilities

Beginning of each school 48980, 49403 BP 5141.31 Consent to school

year immunization program

Beginning of each school 48980, 49423, AR 5141.21 Administration of

year 49480 prescribed medication

Beginning of each school 48980, 49451; AR 5141.3 Right to refuse consent to

year 20 USC 1232h physical examination

Beginning of each school 48980, 49472 BP 5143 Availability of

year insurance

Beginning of each school 49063 AR 5125 Challenge, review, and

year AR 5125.3 expunging of records

Beginning of each school 49063, 49069; AR 5125 Student records: inspect and

year 20 USC 1232g; review, access, types, location,

34 CFR 99.7 persons responsible, location

of log, access criteria, cost of

copies, amendment requests,

criteria to determine legitimate

educational interest, course

prospectus availability

Beginning of each school 49063, 49073; AR 5125.1 Release of directory

year 20 USC 1232g; information

34 CFR 99.37

Beginning of each school 49520, 48980; AR 3553 Free and reduced price

year 42 USC 1758; meals

7 CFR 245.5

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

I. Annually (continued)

Annually 56301 BP 6164.4 Parental rights re: special

education identification,

referral, assessment,

instructional planning,

implementation and review,

and procedures for initiating

a referral for assessment

Beginning of each school 58501, 48980 AR 6181 Alternative schools


Annually Health & Safety AR 5141.6 Availability of dental fluoride

Code 104855 treatment; opportunity to

accept or deny treatment

Annually 5 CCR 4622 AR 1312.3 Uniform complaint

procedures, available

appeals, civil law remedies,

and identity of coordinator

Beginning of each school 20 USC 1232h AR 5022 Notice of privacy policy and

year BP 6162.8 dates of activities re: survey,

health examination, or collection

of personal information for

marketing; process to opt out

of such activities

Beginning of each school 20 USC 6311; AR 4112.24 Right to request information

year, if district receives 34 CFR 200.61 AR 4222 re: professional qualifications

Title I funds of child's teacher and


Annually, if district schools 20 USC 6316 AR 0520.2 Availability of supplemental

have been identified for program educational services, identity

program improvement or of providers, description of corrective action services, qualifications,

effectiveness of providers

Beginning of each school 34 CFR 104.8, BP 0410 Nondiscrimination

year 106.9 BP 6178

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

I. Annually (continued)

Annually to parent, teacher, and 40 CFR 763.84, AR 3514 Availability of asbestos

employee organizations or, in 763.93 management plan; any

their absence, individuals inspections, response actions

or post-response actions

planned or in progress

II. At Specific Times During the Student's Academic Career

Beginning in grade 7, 221.5, 48980 AR 6164.2 Course selection and

at least once prior to course career counseling

selection and career counseling

When child first enrolls 32390, 48980 AR 5142.1 Fingerprinting program

in a public school, if

the school offers a

fingerprinting program

Upon registration in K-6, if 39831.5 AR 3543 School bus safety rules and

students have not previously information, list of stops, rules

been transported of conduct, red light crossing

instructions, bus danger zones,

walking to and from stops

Beginning of each school 44808.5, 48980 AR 5112.5 Open campus

year for high school students,

if high school is open campus

Beginning of each school 48980, 51225.3 AR 6146.1 How each high school

year in grades 9-12, if district graduation requirement does or

allows career technical education does not satisfy college

(CTE) course to satisfy entrance a-g course criteria;

graduation requirement list of district CTE courses that

satisfy a-g course criteria

Beginning of each school 48980, 52244 AR 6141.5 Availability of state funds to

year, for high school students cover costs of advanced

placement exam fees

Beginning of each school 48980, 60850 AR 6162.52 Requirement to pass the high

year in grades 9-12 and when school exit exam including:

high school student transfers date of exam, requirements for

into the district passing, consequences of not

passing, and that passing is a

condition of graduation

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

II. At Specific Times During the Student's Academic Career (continued)

When students entering grade 7 49452.7 AR 5141.3 Specified information on type

2 diabetes

When in kindergarten, 49452.8 AR 5141.32 Requirement for oral health

or first grade if not previously assessment, explanation of

enrolled in public school law, importance of oral health,

agency contact, privacy rights

Beginning of each school year 51229, 48980 AR 6143 College admission

for students in grades 9-12 requirements, UC and CSU

web sites that list certified

courses, description of CTE,

CDE Internet address, how

students may meet with


Beginning of each school 51938, 48980 AR 6142.1 Explanation of sex and HIV/

year for students in grades AIDS instruction; right to view

7-12 A/V materials, who's teaching,

request specific Education

Code sections, right to excuse

Within 20 working days of 60641; AR 6162.51 Results of tests; test

receiving results of 5 CCR 863 purpose, individual score

standardized achievement tests and intended use

When child is enrolled Health & Safety AR 5141.32 Health screening

in kindergarten Code 124100 examination

To students in grades 11-12, 5 CCR 11523 AR 6146.2 Notice of proficiency

early enough to enable examination provided

registration for fall test under Education Code 48412

To secondary students, if 20 USC 7908 AR 5125.1 Notice that parents may

district receives Title I funds request district to not release

name, address, phone number

of child to military recruiters

without prior written consent

III. When Special Circumstances Occur

Upon receipt of a 262.3 AR 1312.3 Civil law remedies

complaint alleging available to complainants


Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

III. When Special Circumstances Occur (continued)

When student has been placed 310, 5 CCR 11309 AR 6174 Placement of child in

in structured English program and opportunity

immersion program to apply for parental

exception waiver

When student is identified 440; 20 USC 7012 AR 6174 Student's identification for

as English learner and district program for English learners;

receives Title III funds, not any failure of district to meet

later than 30 days after annual measurable

beginning of school year achievement objectives

Before high school student 17288 None University campus buildings

attends specialized may not meet Education Code

secondary program on a requirements for structural

university campus safety

At least 72 hours before 17612 AR 3514.2 Intended use of pesticide

use of pesticide product product

not included in annual list

To members of athletic 32221.5 AR 5143 Offer of insurance; no-cost and

teams low-cost program options

If school has lost its WASC 35178.4 BP 6190 Loss of status, potential

accreditation status consequences

At least six months 35183 AR 5132 Dress code policy

before implementing requiring schoolwide

a schoolwide uniform policy uniform

Beginning of each term, 37254 AR 6179 Availability of intensive

when student has not passed instruction and services for

the exit exam by the end two consecutive academic

of grade 12 years and right to file


Before implementing a 37616 BP 6117 Year-round schedule

year-round schedule

When interdistrict 46601 AR 5117 Appeal process

transfer is requested

and not approved or denied

within 30 days

Before early entry to 48000 AR 5111 Effects, advantages and

kindergarten, if offered disadvantages of early entry

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

III. When Special Circumstances Occur (continued)

When student identified as 48070.5 AR 5123 Student at risk of

being at risk of retention retention

When student excluded due to 48213 AR 5112.2 Student has been excluded

quarantine, contagious or BP 5141.33 from school

infectious disease, danger to

safety or health

Before student is excluded 48216 AR 5141.31 Two weeks to submit evidence

for lack of immunization of immunization or exemption;

referral to medical care

When a student is 48260.5, 48262 AR 5113.1 Truancy, parental obligation,

classified a truant availability of alternative

programs, student

consequences, need for


When a truant is referred 48263 AR 5113.1 Name and address of SARB

to a SARB or probation or probation department and

department reason for referral

When a school is identified on 48354; AR 5118 Student's option to transfer

the state's Open Enrollment List 5 CCR 4702 to another school

Within 60 days of receiving 48357; AR 5118 Whether student's transfer

application for transfer out of 5 CCR 4702 application is accepted or

open enrollment school rejected; reasons for rejection

Prior to involuntary transfer 48432.5 AR 6184 Right to require meeting prior

to continuation school to involuntary transfer to

continuation school

When student is removed from 48900.1 BP 5144.1 Parental attendance required;

class and teacher requires AR 5144.1 timeline for attendance

parental attendance at school

Prior to withholding grades, 48904 AR 5125.2 Damaged school

diplomas, or transcripts property

When withholding grades, 48904.3 AR 5125.2 Next school will continue

diplomas or transcripts withholding grades, diplomas,

from transferring student or transcripts

When student is released 48906 BP 5145.11 Release of student to

to peace officer peace officer

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

III. When Special Circumstances Occur (continued)

At time of suspension 48911 BP 5144.1 Notice of suspension

AR 5144.1

When original period of 48911 AR 5144.1 Extension of suspension

suspension is extended

Before holding a closed 48912 AR 5144.1 Intent to hold a closed session

session re: suspension re: suspension

When student expelled 48915.1, BP 5119 Hearing re: possible danger

from another district for 48918 presented by expelled

certain acts seeks admission student

When readmission is 48916 AR 5144.1 Reasons for denial;

denied determination of assigned


When expulsion occurs 48916 AR 5144.1 Description of

readmission procedures

10 calendar days before 48918 AR 5144.1 Notice of expulsion

expulsion hearing hearing

When expulsion or 48918 AR 5144.1 Decision to expel; right to

suspension of expulsion appeal to county board;

occurs obligation to inform new

district of status

One month before the 48980 BP 6111 When minimum days

scheduled minimum day scheduled after beginning

of the school year

When parents request 48987 AR 5141.4 Guidelines for filing

guidelines for filing complaint of child abuse

complaint of child abuse at a school site with local

at a school site child protective agencies

When student in danger 49067 AR 5121 Student in danger

of failing a course of failing a course

When student transfers 49068 AR 5125 Right to receive copy of

from another district or student's record and to

private school challenge its content

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

III. When Special Circumstances Occur (continued)

Within 24 hours of 49076 AR 5125 Release of student record to a

release of information judge or probation officer for

to a judge or probation conducting truancy mediation

officer program or for presenting

evidence at a truancy petition

Before release of 49077 AR 5125 Release of information

information pursuant to pursuant to court order

court order or subpoena or subpoena

When screening results in 49452.5 AR 5141.3 Scoliosis screening

suspicion that student

has scoliosis

When test results in 49456 AR 5141.3 Vision or hearing test

discovery of visual or

hearing defects

Annually to parents/guardians 49475 AR 6145.2 Information on concussions

of student athletes before their and head injuries

first practice or competition

Before any test 51513 AR 5022 Permission for test, survey

questioning personal beliefs questioning personal beliefs

Within 14 days of instruction 51938 AR 6142.1 Instruction in HIV/AIDS or

if arrangement made for guest sexual health education by

speaker after beginning of guest speaker or outside

school year consultant

Prior to administering survey 51938 AR 5022 Notice that the survey will

regarding health risks and be administered

behaviors to students in 7-12

Upon assessment and 52164.1, AR 6174 Assessment results; program of

reassessment of English 52164.3, education for English language

proficiency and enrollment 52173; learners

in program of education 5 CCR 11303

for English language learners

When migrant education 54444.2 BP 6175 Parent advisory council

program is established AR 6175 membership composition

When child participates in Health & Safety AR 5148 Parent right to enter facility

licensed child care and Code 1596.857

development program

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

III. When Special Circumstances Occur (continued)

When sharing student Health & Safety AR 5125 Types of information to be

immunization information Code 120440 shared, name and address of

with an immunization agency, acceptable use of the system information, right to examine,

right to refuse to share

When hearing is requested Penal Code AR 3515.2 Notice of hearing

by person asked to leave 627.5

school premises

Prior to student 5 CCR 3831 AR 6172 Gifted and talented

participation in gifted student program

and talented program

When providing written 5 CCR 4631 AR 1312.3 Appeal rights and

decision in response to a procedures

complaint re: discrimination,

special education, or

noncompliance with law

regulating educational programs

Within 30 calendar days 5 CCR 11511.5 AR 6174 CELDT test results

of receipt of CELDT results

When child participates in 5 CCR 18066 AR 5148 Policies re: unexcused

licensed child care and absences

development program

When district substantively 20 USC 1232h AR 5022 Notice of any substantive

changes policy on student change in policy or regulation

privacy rights

For districts receiving Title I 20 USC 6311 AR 4112.24 Timely notice to parent of

funds, when child has been child's assignment

taught for four or more

consecutive weeks by a teacher

who is not "highly qualified"

When school identified for 20 USC 6312 AR 0520.2 Notice of failure to parents

program improvement or of English language learners corrective action, within 30

days of failure to make annual

yearly progress

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

III. When Special Circumstances Occur (continued)

For districts receiving Title I 20 USC 6312 AR 6174 Reasons for placement, level

funds, not later than 30 days of proficiency, instructional

after beginning of school year, methods, how program meets

to parents of English learners child's strengths and teaches

English, exit requirements,

right to choose another


When school identified for 20 USC 6316 AR 0520.2 Explanation of identification,

program improvement or AR 5116.1 reasons, how problem will be

corrective action addressed, how parents can

become involved, transfer

option, availability of

supplemental services

When district identified for 20 USC 6316 AR 0520.3 Explanation status, reasons for

program improvement identification, how parents can

participate in upgrading district

For schools receiving Title I 20 USC 6318 AR 6020 Notice of policy

funds, upon development of

parent involvement policy

When household is selected 42 USC 1758; AR 3553 Notice of need to submit

for verification of eligibility 7 CFR 246.6a verification information; any

for free or reduced-price meals subsequent change in benefits;

right to appeal

When student transfers 34 CFR 99.34 AR 5125 Right to review records

out of state and records are

disclosed without consent

pursuant to 34 CFR 99.30

IV. Special Education Notices

Prior to conducting initial 56301, 56321, AR 6164.4 Proposed evaluation plan,

evaluation 56321.5, 56321.6, related parental rights,

56329; 34 CFR prior written notice


24 hours before IEP 56341.1 AR 6159 Intention to audio-record

when district intending to IEP meeting


Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

IV. Special Education Notices (continued)

Early enough to ensure 56341.5; AR 6159 Time, purpose, location, who

opportunity for parent 34 CFR 300.322 who in attendance,

to attend IEP meeting participation of others with

special knowledge, transition

statements if appropriate

When parent orally 56343.5 AR 6159 Need for written request

requests review of IEP

For student receiving exit 60852.4 AR 6162.52 Right to FAPE

exam waiver, prior to

receipt of diploma

When student is selected to be 5 CCR 850 AR 6162.51 Notice that the student's

assessed with the California achievement will be measured

Modified Assessment based on modified

achievement standard

Before functional behavioral 5 CCR 3052 AR 6159.4 Notification and consent

assessment begins

Before modification of 5 CCR 3052 AR 6159.4 Need for modification,

behavioral intervention right to question

plan modification

Within one school day of 5 CCR 3052 AR 6159.4 Emergency intervention

emergency intervention or

serious property damage

Whenever there is a proposal 20 USC 1415(c); AR 6159 Prior written notice

or refusal to initiate or change 34 CFR 300.300, AR 6159.1

the identification, evaluation, 300.503

placement, or FAPE, including

when parent/guardian revokes

consent for services

Initial referral for 20 USC 1415(d); AR 6159.1 Prior written notice and

evaluation 34 CFR 300.503 procedural safeguards notice

Registration of complaint 20 USC 1415(d); AR 6159.1 Procedural safeguards

34 CFR 300.504 notice

Disciplinary action taken 20 USC 1415(k); AR 5144.2 Decision and procedural

for dangerous behavior 34 CFR 300.530 safeguards notice

Suspension or change of 20 USC 1415(k); AR 5144.2 Decision and procedural

placement for more than 10 days 34 CFR 300.530 safeguards notice

Education or Board Policy/

When to Other Legal Administrative

Notify Code Regulation # Subject

IV. Special Education Notices (continued)

Upon requesting a 20 USC 1415(k); AR 6159.1 Child's name, address, school,

due process hearing 34 CFR 300.508 description of problem, proposed


Eligibility for services 34 CFR 104.32, AR 6164.6 Procedural safeguards, district

under Section 504 104.36 responsibilities

V. Classroom Notices

In each classroom in each 35186 AR/E 1312.4 Complaint rights re: sufficiency of

school instructional materials, teacher

vacancy and misassignment,

maintenance of facilities, and, for

classrooms with grades 10-12,

right of students who did not pass

exit exam to receive intensive

instruction after grade 12


adopted: February 12, 2013 Costa Mesa, California