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Tutoring Guidelines for Employees

There are several board policies, Education Code sections and Government Code sections that pertain to teachers and the tutoring of students. A summary of acceptable and unacceptable activities related to tutoring is outlined below:

* A teacher may not tutor for profit any student enrolled in his or her classes

* A teacher may not conduct tutoring for profit in any school building. All such activities must be conducted off school premises

* Teachers may not advertise tutoring services for profit when that advertisement targets student in the school or district in which the teacher works

* Teachers may not refer a fellow teacher for tutoring services with the expectation that the referred teacher would then reciprocate the favor

* Employees engaged in a tutoring for profit business must conduct those activities outside the regular work hours

* Employees who tutor for profit must use their own materials and equipment, not the materials or equipment of the school district

* The school office will maintain lists of employees available for tutoring upon parent request. Question regarding teachers available for tutoring (for profit) should be referred to appropriate office personnel

* Employees shall not willfully or knowingly use school records to solicit students or their families for the benefit of any business owned or operated by the employee

Call the Novato Unified School District Human Resources Department if more information is needed regarding tutoring activities.


version: April 7, 2009 Novato, California