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State College Revenue Bond Parking Facilities.   

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(a) To the extent available, parking facilities constructed prior to July 1966 under the State College Revenue Bond Act of 1947 are to be assigned to occupants of the residence halls constructed under the act on a first come first served basis.

If any spaces are unassigned to such occupants, they may be made available to students and other persons. All users of such spaces shall pay a parking fee. Such fees shall be in accordance with the schedules of fees approved by the Trustees and shall be in amounts not less than those required by the provisions of any indenture issued or resolution adopted pursuant to that act. Proportionate charges shall be made for lesser periods or occasional use of parking areas.

(b) Payment of prescribed parking rental by deposit of coins in mechanical devices provided by the campus shall constitute compliance with this section. Evidence of compliance with this section shall be demonstrated by display in plain view on each vehicle of a valid parking permit or by other means prescribed by the president.

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(Amended by Register 82, No. 39.)