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School Related Trips   

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Instructional field trips are those which are directly related to on-going classroom instruction. They provide a means for staff and students to relate the instructional program to the community outside the schools.

Co-curricular field trips are those which are directly related to associated student body activities.

Excursions are those special trips which are not directly related to on-going instructional or co-curricular activities. Excursions occurring during school hours must have the approval of the Board of Education.


Privately owned vehicles may be used to transport students in grades K-12 on instructional and co-curricular field trips and with prior approval of the school administrator. No student shall be transported in a privately owned vehicle without the specific written permission of the student's parent or guardian to ride in an owner-driven vehicle. Students who are transported in private vehicles shall be transported safely in sound vehicles driven by competent, adult (25 or over) licensed drivers who have appropriate insurance and have completed Exhibit 6153.

Students shall not be charged any transportation fee for instructional field trips. Student participants may not be charged a transportation fee for co-curricular field trips. Spectators, such as cheering section members, shall be charged a reasonable transportation fee. District funds shall not be expended for excursions. No expenses of students participating in a field trip or excursion to any other state, the District of Columbia, or a foreign country authorized by Education Code 35330 shall be paid with school district funds.


On all school approved trips involving students, provisions will be made for proper supervision. The school principal shall ensure that there is an adequate adult to student ratio to maximize student safety. Non-certificated staff and parents may assist in such supervision and may be asked to attend preparatory sessions and/or meetings. If the trip involves water activities, the principal will ensure closer supervision of elementary grade students, appropriate to their ages.

First Aid

The district shall provide a first aid kit whenever students are taken on field trips under the supervision of a teacher, employee, or agent of the school.

Whenever field trips are conducted in areas known to be infested with poisonous snakes, the following requirements of law shall be met: (Education Code 32043)

1. The first aid kit taken on the field trips shall contain medically accepted remedies.

2. A teacher, employee, agent of the school who has completed a course in first aid, which emphasizes the treatment of snakebites, shall accompany the field trip. Such a first aid course shall be certified by the American Red Cross.

Board Approval

Board approval shall be required for all trips longer than one hundred miles one way, extending overnight, or requiring a non-budgeted expenditure of over $5.00 per student. The approval will be obtained as far in advance as possible. For extenuating circumstances, when the established timeline cannot be adhered to, the Superintendent or designee may authorize the trip.

Legal Reference:


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32043 Snakebite kits on field trips

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35212 Insurance coverage for volunteers

35330 Excursions or field trips within state; to other state; District of Columbia; to a foreign country

35331 Provision for medical or hospital service for pupils (on field trips)

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35350 Transportation of students

44808 Liability when pupils not on school property

48908 Duties of pupils; authority of teachers

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adopted: September 30, 2008 Novato, California