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Chapter 6. Certified Personnel.Subchapter 4. Grants of Financial Assistance to Certificated Personnel.Article 1. Scholarship Grants for Teachers of Reading.Application for a Scholarship Grant for Teachers of Reading.   

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An application for a scholarship grant described in Education Code section 54170 shall be made upon forms prescribed and furnished by the California Department of Education. The application shall:

(a) Specify the institution which the applicant proposes to attend.

(b) Specify the course or courses in which the applicant proposes to enroll.

(c) State that if the scholarship is granted the applicant will enroll for credit in the course or courses so specified and will use the money only for tuition, living expenses, and other necessary educational costs at the institution.

(d) Specify whether the applicant will attend a regular session or a summer session, and, in either case, the beginning and closing dates of classroom work for the session shown in the catalogue of the institution conducting it.

(e) Have attached the statement of the chief administrative officer of the district in which the applicant is employed, or by such officer of any other school district, either that the applicant has been nominated, or if the applicant successfully completes the course described in the application he will be nominated, for the position of specialist teacher by the district and will be employed by that district during the following school year. (For this purpose, it is assumed that the applicant will pass the examination for "teacher specialist.")

(f) Have attached to it a statement of the salary at which the applicant is employed, an estimate of other annual income received, and other information regarding income and expenses, as a basis of determination by the CDE of the financial need of the applicant.

(g) Include such information as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction may specify as a basis for determining the potential of the applicant to profit from the proposed course of study and to improve the reading program in any school in which he is employed to perform services.

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