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Repayment of Loans.   

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A loan made pursuant to this article shall be repaid to the Department of Education in accordance with instructions on the application form (Form No. SE-34) furnished by the Department. The loan shall be repaid in five (5) equal annual installments, beginning on the first day of July following the summer the recipient undertook the preparation for which the loan was made, and on July 1 of each year thereafter until paid. For good cause shown by the recipient, the Superintendent of Public Instruction may postpone the due date of any installment.

In order to receive the 20 percent credit authorized by Education Code Section 56063 in lieu of payment of an installment, the recipient shall present evidence that he taught educationally handicapped minors in the California public schools for the school year immediately preceding the July 1 when that installment is due. For the purposes of Education Code Section 56063 and this section, a "year" of teaching means teaching for the minimum school day applicable to the level taught for at least 75% of the number of days the regular schools of the district were maintained in the school year.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)