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Article 2. Adoption Of Curriculum Frameworks, Evaluation Criteria And Instructional Materials - Procedures. Display of Instructional Materials for Public Inspection.   

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(a) On or before the delivery date designated in the Schedule of Significant Events, publishers shall send instructional materials that are being submitted for adoption to LRDCs at the addresses indicated in the Invitation to Submit. Instructional materials that are submitted for adoption shall be displayed at the LRDCs at least until the date the SBE adopts instructional materials.

(b) Beginning with the first adoption that takes place after the Reading/Language Arts adoption that is currently scheduled to be completed in November 2008, on or before the delivery date designated in the schedule of significant events, publishers shall also provide CDE with a URL to those instructional materials intended for student use that are being submitted for adoption, and the CDE shall post on its website direct hyperlinks to the URLs provided by the publishers. The instructional materials posted on each publisher's website shall be identical to the hard copy version of the instructional materials submitted for adoption, except that copyrighted items that do not allow for posting online may be omitted and replaced by a description of the omitted item, and any online features that are absent from the hard copy version shall be identified.

(c) LRDCs shall ensure that instructional materials received are on display within three weeks after the date of receipt unless circumstances beyond the control of the LRDC prevent such display, in which case the instructional materials will be displayed within a reasonable amount of time.

(d) Instructional materials adopted by the SBE shall be available at LRDCs for a minimum of two years after the date of adoption.

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(Register 2008, No. 10.)