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Subchapter 1. Elementary Instructional Materials. Article 2.1. Acquisition Of Adopted Instructional Materials. New Editions of Adopted Instructional Materials.   

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(a) Upon written request by a publisher, the CDE may approve a new edition of an adopted instructional material to replace the original adopted edition, provided that:

(1) Changes contained in the new edition are so minimal that both the new edition and the original adopted edition may be used together in a classroom environment. No additional content may be included in the new edition

(2) All changes comply with the social content standards set forth in the publication entitled Standards for Evaluating Instructional Materials for Social Content, 2000, as referenced in section 9518 above. The price of the new edition is equal to or lower than the price of the original adopted edition.

(b) Upgrades of technology-based materials that do not contain content changes can be made by publishers without CDE approval, unless the upgrade results in a new ISBN or identifier.

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