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Teacher Responsibilities.   

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The community classroom teacher shall:

(a) Provide concurrent formal vocational classroom instruction. Instruction shall be based on skills, knowledges, attitudes, and related performance levels in the occupation for which instruction is conducted.

(b) conduct required training station visits to observe students, provide instruction, and ensure that student acquisition of competencies identified in the individualized training plan is occurring.

(c) Prepare individualized training plans.

(d) Locate and select training stations to provide students unpaid on-the-job learning experiences commensurate with their skill training.

(e) Monitor the student's progress by completing the individualized training plan.

(f) Provide ongoing and final evaluation of the student's achievement of course instruction objectives.

Authority cited:

Education Code 52372

Education Code 52372.1 (a)


Education Code 46300(f)

Education Code 52372.1(a) (1), (2), (3), (4), (c) and (d)

(Amended by Register 87, No. 50.)