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Article 3. Minimum Standards of Course Content for Basic Reading Program and Criteria for Approval of Application.   

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The minimum standards of course content for a basic reading program are the following:

(a) Systematic instruction for pupils in basic skills of word recognition, including phonics, and comprehension of meaning such as set forth in the basic reading texts adopted by the State.

(b) Systematic and continuous practice provided the pupils in applying skills in reading for self-directed purposes.

(c) Presentation to pupils of a wide variety of literature appropriate to the ages, abilities, and interests of children in the program.

(d) Continuous assessment of language skills and abilities of pupils.

(e) Instruction and practice for pupils in the use of oral language as communication of meaning and expression of thought.

(f) Instruction, practice, and drill for children in use of oral language as reinforcement of skills necessary for correct hearing and speaking of the English language.

(g) Utilization of a wide variety of sensory experiences for pupils to provide a store of basic concepts with which to build meaning and interest.

(h) Demonstration for teachers of a variety of teaching methods.

(i) Assistance to teachers in techniques of informal observation of child behavior as a means of discovering reading disabilities.

(j) Assistance to teachers in planning effective organization for instruction.

Authority cited for Article 3:

Education Code 54161

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)