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(a) Final selection will include an interview with panelists composed of the advisory committee representatives identified pursuant to Education Code section 58916 and other individuals representing a variety of roles (school and district and county level administrators, teachers, business persons and university faculty) who are knowledgeable about restructuring. The highest scoring schools in the categories described in Education Code section 58906(a) will be invited to participate in an oral interview to determine the level of communitywide support and schoolsite leadership for the proposed restructuring proposal.

(1) Communitywide support includes the specific resources, support, conditions or leadership to be provided by those whose participation is crucial to the restructuring effort, such as teachers, the school district, the governing board, certificated and classified bargaining units, parents, the non-parent public, business, community organizations, institutions of higher education, and others as appropriate.

(2) Schoolsite leadership includes evidence of collaborative decision making and governance structures focused on learning and teaching; opportunities for expanded participation by parents in the change process; processes for building the capacity and knowledge of all members of the school site to enable them to develop and successfully carry out their restructuring vision and action plan; and a commitment of all the school's resources to the restructuring effort.

(h) The score of each oral interview is based on the interview as a whole rather than on the quality of answers to individual questions. The score will be based on a four part scale, with four being the highest score. Specific criteria for scoring will be based on:

(1) communitywide support as described in subsection 11844(a)(1);

(2) schoolsite leadership as described in subsection 11844(a)(2); and

(3)(A) understanding of the goal and focal point of restructuring, (B) understanding of the critical elements of restructuring, (C) understanding of the specific actions needed to move toward the restructuring vision, and (D) understanding of how to manage change, as described in subsection 1 1843(d).

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