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Intern Financial Support.   

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The following items relate to the support of a New Careers in Education intern:

(a) Fellowship Expense Grants Interns shall receive Fellowship Expense Grants of $75 per week throughout the months of the year in which they are enrolled as full-time college students. The support will continue to be provided between college semesters or quarters, and between the academic year and college summer sessions. During periods when interns are not attending college classes, the local school district may assign responsibilities related to the education of disadvantaged children. interns may be provided the same vacations as local school district employees without loss of support.

(b) Fellowship Expense Grant Supplements-Fellowship expense grant supplements of $15 per week for each legal dependent of the intern may be added to the basic fellowship expense grant.

(c) Tuition Scholarship-Tuition scholarships include but are not limited to those charges by an institution of higher education for attending classes and necessary related costs including books, materials, fees, and transportation costs.

(d) Eligibility for Income Supplements-It is the intent of the State Board of Education, in adopting these regulations, to define the internship and the scholarship and fellowship assistance provided by this program in such ways as may protect the eligibility of interns for income supplements, health benefits, or other services which would be available to them if they were not New Careers in Education interns.