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Development of Program.   

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(a) Needs Assessment. Each application shall include comprehensive data on the unmet needs of the student population and of the administrative and instructional staff members of the participating schools. Data submitted must include, but is not limited to, input from students, parents, and staff members. Special emphasis must be given to the needs for improved pupil achievement in reading and mathematics.

(b) Objectives. Each application shall include statements of objectives, stated in performance terms, with performance criteria identified for all participants in the project.

(c) Activities. Each application shall include descriptions of the system of rotation by which the participants will be released from regular duties, receive concentrated training, receive follow-up support, and be assessed. Summer school activities shall be described in relation to school-year activities, with a rationale for the sequence of training experience to be received by the participants. Learning groups of trainers and trainees shall be described, and organizational and flow charts provided to graphically illustrate relationships and experience sequences.

Activities must be developed around a fully described theoretical model. appropriate references to research in teacher education shall be cited, including but not limited to data generated in previous years in the applicant district and research done at the cooperating teacher training institution. All activities must be described in an overall management plan which shows what is to be done, by whom, and by when.